Initiatives Inc. is excited to announce our newest project, Eradicate TB – Zambia, in partnership with prime contractor PATH.

Zambia is among eight countries with high incidences of TB and TB-HIV co-infection. Annually, an estimated 63,000 (391/100,000) Zambians are infected with TB and 12,774 die of TB. In Zambia,1.2 million people are living with HIV (12.9 percent prevalence) and TB incidence is five times higher in persons infected with HIV than those not infected. In partnership with PATH, Initiatives implements the USAID-funded Eradicate TB project (ETB), which has two primary objectives: (1) increase the number of individuals screened for TB in the target provinces by 50% above the 2015 baseline, thereby increasing the number of people diagnosed with TB; and (2) increase TB treatment success rate to at least 85% in the target provinces.

In support of the National TB and Leprosy Control Programme, ETB works across six provinces in Zambia to implement a comprehensive package of health systems and TB service delivery interventions aimed at strengthening the availability and quality of TB prevention, diagnostics and treatment services. As a subcontractor to PATH, Initiatives brings its innovative approaches to human resource management strengthening and organizational capacity development to enhance the effectiveness of TB management and service delivery staff to address the epidemic. Our technical support will improve staff management, competencies and performance and will build the organizational capacity of civil society groups collaborating with the project and NTP to improve TB case detection, treatment and care.