is a new web-based resource for Community Health Worker Programs. Community Health Workers (CHWs) play an important role in meeting the health Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) by addressing the global shortage of health care workers. On June 14, 2011 the USAID Health Care Improvement Project launched CHW Central, a website to facilitate sharing information and foster dialogues about CHWs. CHW Central contributes to strengthening CHW programs by sharing the latest developments in CHW programming and connecting CHW experts, practitioners and supporters.

The website features:

  • Online interactive discussions on current issues, connecting users and experts in CHW research, practice and policy.
  • A member exchange forum where users can post questions and solicit input.
  • A resource center housing training materials, practical tools and up-to-date guidelines.
  • Other features designed to increase the exchange of best practices and other information related to CHW programs.