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Community health workers (CHWs) are making a substantial contribution to health service delivery the world over. They contribute to filling significant health human resources gaps and they are critical to achieving the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). Many programs and countries have begun the large-scale deployment of community health workers to improve access to essential health services. Experience shows, however, that while crucial, community health worker programs are often fraught with significant human resources challenges. The USAID-funded Health Care Improvement Project (HCI) developed the Community Health Worker Assessment and Improvement Matrix (CHW AIM) to help assess and strengthen CHW program functionality. HCI conducted operations research in Zambia to test CHW AIM’s effectiveness as an improvement tool and to determine if associations exist among CHW program functionality, CHW performance and CHW engagement. This Research and Evaluation Report – Improving CHW Program Functionality, Performance and Engagement: Operations Research Results from Zambia – presents the findings of the CHW AIM operations research activity.

Published in 2012 under the USAID Health Care Improvement (HCI) project.


CHW program functionality