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The Integrated Supportive Supervision Checklists (ISCLs) are designed to help guide a more holistic and constructive approach to supervision. The ISCLs measure performance against standards, highlight priority areas in need of support and guide action planning. While comprehensive and integrated, these tools are meant to be used in full only periodically, with more focused supervision being the norm. This is especially important in contexts where few staff are available for supervision and transportation to make supervision visits is difficult to obtain. Scoring systems were added to these checklists to help managers and supervisors identify areas most in need of support so they could target supervision and support activities on a limited number of issues. Leaders of the Regional Health Bureaus in all three regions supported by ESHE expanded the checklist to cover a wider range of issues, but radically shorter versions of the checklist are possible and desirable. Adaptation to other country contexts should consider the framework, approach and scoring methodologies represented in these checklists as they worked well, were appreciated by staff and managers and are relevant to a range of country contexts.

Published in 2008 under the USAID Essential Services for Health in Ethiopia II project.
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