Our Services

Through the careful blending of staff skills, technical and managerial capacity, and ability to cooperate with a range of government, NGO, and contracting partners, Initiatives provides cutting-edge technical expertise while maintaining its small business spirit. Our dedication to quality work and our courage to pilot test new approaches in the fields of planning, quality improvement, human resources management, reproductive health, and HIV/AIDS has helped build our reputation.

In all our work, Initiatives is committed to effectively and collaboratively meeting contract obligations, providing high-quality technical support, and building the capacity of local staff to plan, monitor and document their efforts.

Organizational Capacity Development and Certification

Successful programs and health services require strong organizations. Initiatives’ approach to organizational development (OD) focuses on strengthening management structures and systems to support sustained capacity development. Our expertise includes creating and utilizing tailored organizational capacity assessments, OD processes, and management training and mentoring.

Human Resources for Health

The people who deliver and manage health services are the most fundamental component of functioning health systems. Initiatives’ approaches in this area combine human resources (HR) and workload assessments, staffing projections and planning, HR management, and capacity building. Our experience includes assessing training needs and staff engagement, appraising staff performance, developing and conducting staff trainings, and developing and implementing supportive supervision systems for a range of health care delivery settings.

Quality Assurance and Accreditation

A “culture of quality” in health care does not just happen – it needs to be cultivated. Initiatives addresses quality management by working with clients to identify performance standards and to develop tools, processes, and systems to help strengthen services and achieve standards. Key strategies include developing certification processes and accreditation systems. We have worked with primary care facilities, governments, and NGOs on quality improvement at the service delivery and management levels.

Community Involvement

The health of individuals depends on broader community involvement in the health system. Initiatives has a long-standing commitment to facilitating community participation in health systems and programs. This entails building local capacity to advocate for improved health care; assisting individuals and organizations to collaborate with the health system in caregiving and health education; and supporting community health worker programs.

Operations Research and Evaluation

Monitoring, evaluation, and research are essential to ensuring any program’s success. Initiatives integrates them into all programs from the start to ensure that the right problems are addressed, to measure the effectiveness of our approaches, and to identify emerging issues that require attention. Operations research, which allows for real-time and practical assessment of health interventions, is a particular focus.

Founded in 1987, Initiatives has 30 years of experience working in global public health. During this time we have worked with government agencies and ministries, non-governmental organizations, and international organizations in dozens of countries, highlighted below: