Ms. Lauren Crigler was recently recognized by the Ministry of Health in Niger for the quality of her work and contribution she has made to the health sector in human resources management. The award was presented to the URC Regional Director in Niamey by the Secretary General and signed by the Minister of Health.

Ms Crigler was instrumental in the design and technical support of the Human Resources collaborative that was piloted in Tahoua, Niger, and has now been scaled up nationally. Since May 2009, 15 health facility and 11 district management quality improvement (QI) teams have worked together with the support of the Ministry of Public Health in Niger and the USAID HCI Project. This work uses the QI Collaborative approach to develop, test, implement, and spread feasible strategies targeting specific human resources improvement objectives to improve maternal care services. As part of this strategic human resources management process to improve maternal care, teams aligned maternal health goals and objectives from the central to facility levels, and clarified and defined tasks and competencies for clinical staff in maternity units. Regional and district health teams continue to implement system changes while facility teams focus on improving performance and providing support to engage health workers.